About us


WHO Can Participate:   All 3rd through 8th grade boys who reside in Mequon or Thiensville or who attend Mequon-Thiensville public schools are eligible to compete for a spot on a Jr Highlanders.


WHAT:   Jr Highlanders is a youth association/club of coaches, student-athletes, and parents, dedicated to increasing players' knowledge of, and love for, the game of basketball while providing unique opportunities to develop each players’ skills through practice and games.

This is a competitive program. Making a team and playing time are not guaranteed.
Cost is currently $350 for 4-8 Graders, and $175 for 3rd Graders, who will also play in SLAMMERS


WHERE:   Practices will be held at Mequon-Thiensville public schools, usually on two weeknights. Teams will enter the Wisconsin Youth Basketball League, and competitive tournaments that will require travel outside of the Mequon-Thiensville area.

WHEN:   Tryouts each year are in September, Practices begin in October. The teams will play in WYBL and  tournaments between November and March/April. The league games and tournaments are typically all on weekends. Some teams will also compete in summer leagues, which occur in June and July.


Our program’s philosophy will be on based on the high schools 6-core values (Accountability, Appreciation, Enthusiasm, Respect, Grit, Growth). As a program we want to develop hardworking, high character athletes.

Everything we do as a program at all levels is to develop hardworking, competitive Varsity basketball players while instilling the values from the program. “Team” will always come first over the individual and it is each player’s responsibility to demonstrate this in practice, games, at home, and school.  In order to have a successful program, we need parents to be positive influences on our athletes. As a program we want success for each and every one of our athletes.

We can promise each and every parent that the program will push your child to succeed.  Playing time and his role on the team is based on effort, skill, team play, practice habits, attitude, and performance. Playing time for any athlete is never guaranteed, but all our players will be put in positions to earn their way onto the court. There may be games where some players play very little and some games where some players will not play at all.
Student athletes participating in our program will develop lifelong skills that extend far beyond “playing time”. Being a part of a team and learning the value of hard work, sacrificing for others, and gaining friendships are all important lessons learned through sport.


The success of our program will be on the shoulders of the whole team. Every member of the team will have a role and it will be important for each member to perform his role for the team to maximize its success.