16th Annual Jr. Highlanders John Chekouras Youth Classic

January 29, 2022

Homestead High School - 5000 W. Mequon Road

Contact Tim Rautmann for details: rautmann@gmail.com - 920-207-1517

chekouras wall mural

2022 Teams TBD

  • Homestead

Thank you for entering the 16th annual John Chekouras Youth Classic. The Jr. Highlanders Basketball Club appreciates your participation, and looks forward to a great day of basketball.


Please make note of the following tournament information:

Information will be released as teams are set.


WIAA rules will apply except as follows:

  • Each game will consist of 13-minute halves, with the clock stopping on all whistles.
  • Half time will be three (3) minutes long.
  • 4 th , 5 th and 6 th grades will use a 28.5 size ball. 7 th and 8 th grades will use a full size ball
  • Each team will be allowed three (3) 1-minute time outs per game. No carry over of time
  • outs into the overtime period.
  • Pressing at 4 th & 5 th grade is allowed only for the final two (2) minutes of each half. Full
  • court pressing is allowed at all times in the 6 th , 7 th and 8 th grades. NO full court pressing
  • is allowed by a team that is up by more than 15 points.
  • No zone defense at 4th & 5th grade.
  • In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, game goes into SUDDEN WIN. First team
  • to score 4 (four) points is the winner. Bonus / super bonus carries over from OT. NO
  • timeouts in Sudden Win period. Pressing is allowed at all grade levels.
  • Technical fouls will be two shots and the ball. Two technicals on an individual during
  • the tournament will mean TOURNAMENT disqualification for the individual.


An attempt will be made to allow 5 minutes between games.


  • Admission fee of $5 per adult (18 and over), and $3 per student or senior. No charge for 6 and under.
  • Concession stand will be available all day. PLEASE, NO CARRY-INS.
  • Coaches are responsible for bench area clean-up after your game is complete. Each court will
  • have a trash can for empty containers. Please take this responsibility seriously.
  • Teams may be required to supply a scorer and / or time keeper for each game.
  • Teams are responsible for providing their own First Aid kit. Ice will be provided as needed, but
  • no trainer will be available.
  • Ball dribbling, passing etc. is only allowed in the gym.


2022 Jr. Highlanders Tournament Rules and Information

2022 Chekouras Invitational Team Waiver Form